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Pineal Second Edition 

there are certain times in life that we escape from reality, and to avoid our everyday routine we take refuge into dreams.

A dream which is unpredictable, irregular and vague.

But a dreamworld can be more terrifying than real life.We resemble the unexpected incidents of life to dreams or facing an unpleasant event, we wish it was all a dream. 

Meanwhile, when we wake up from nightmares we take a relief breath that it was nothing more than a dream.

We are constantly escaping from reality to dreams and from dreams to reality.


The first edition of Pineal was a result of effort to construct the narrative dreams, and an answer to the question “are our dreams affecting our routines?”.

This time in the second edition, pineal had a more personal and experimental approach to dreams.

how the environment we are living in and our surrounding is affecting and creating our dreams? 

The audio and the visuals with a interaction together are building the scenario of the performance.

The electronic music by using ambient sounds that are available surrounds us is trying to bring back the hallucinatory vibe of dreams, and the visuals with aiming to make this process easier are delineating 

each stage of a dream.

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