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 A group project in "Artistic Creativity" class of "Donya Children Research Institute".

In this Project young students identified the status of their relation with the civic society and urban community; and evaluated their communications with a big city such as Tehran.

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the major topic which they found it important was: Teenagers relationship with urban community or lack of communication. Parsa together with two of his classmates decide to make some rap music and communicate with other teenagers in the city via their songs. Thus they began to write songs and compose music. Parsa also point out that he and his friends had worked in the field of music in the previous semesters, so they already gained experience in music making through a project.  

Parsa decided to write lyrics for tracks he was going to sing, and share his words and thoughts in this way. He narrates how he referred to his teacher's experiences and tries to illustrate the real image of youth presence in urban community.

 He spent a lot in writing the lyrics and tried to follow many of the principles of rap music.  

After writing two lyrics, Parsa and his friends practiced hard to make the track.

With regard to the type of lyrics and the work they practice in the "Artistic Creativity" class, they chose the name “Gheychi” which means scissors, for the project. By this name they mean the relation of youth with urban community is like a pair of scissors. A relation that aims at "disconnection", but at the same time the scissors are connected via a lever, and it functions properly just when the two levers are connected.  

Following the above steps, all the students of this class get ready to perform the songs for a large group of music fans in Mohsen Gallery.

The program was shown 4 times in a day to 500 audiences. 

Parsa and his friends worked on this project for six months with the leadership of Pooya Aryanpour and assistant of Maryam Khakpour.

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